We can help you succeed with the curriculum

At Wyo Wonders, we offer free support to teachers, schools, and districts looking to implement our resources. Our curriculum is free to educators, funded by Wyoming’s industries and generous donors. Just like our resources, all of our support and professional development is completely FREE!

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We offer multiple different options to advance in your career

Virtual Graduate Coursework

Offered through the University of Wyoming each fall and spring, we offer 1-credit graduate enrichment coursework designed to get you started with Wyo Wonders. Participants can progress through three courses, all for grad credit. Upon successful completion of a course, we will reimburse the UW registration fee!

Summer Workshops

Summer workshops are offered around the state of Wyoming. Each workshop provides graduate enrichment credit through the University of Wyoming. These in-person events connect teachers with Education Advocates and training in our vast resources. Summer workshops also include field trips focused on our driving industries – Agriculture, Minerals & Energy, and Outdoor Recreation & Tourism.

On-Site & Custom Professional Development

School and district leaders can work directly with their county’s Education Advocate to schedule and design custom, on-site professional development. Our team will work with you to plan and roll out a PD event, ranging from a one-hour faculty meeting to a multi-day workshop.

Classroom Visits

Would you like someone to model a lesson in your classroom or provide constructive feedback as your students experience the Wyo Wonders curriculum? Our Education Advocates will come directly to your classroom. While we’re there, we will celebrate with you and your students!

Planning on teaching Wyo Wonders?
Planning on teaching Wyo Wonders?
September 5 - Nov 21

Join our Fall Cohort

  • Use Wyo Wonders (Wyoming Stewardship Project) lessons & materials
  • Collaborate with other teachers
  • Receive 1 free WW/WSP unit binder
  • Earn 1 UW credit (reimbursed)
Education Advocates
Our professional development efforts are led by a team of Education Advocates with a mission to support teachers as they implement Wyo Wonders in their classrooms. The advocates offer PD from the menu below, and they will customize based on your needs. Whether you are a solo teacher seeking support or a curriculum director looking at full district implementation, our Education Advocates have you covered. See the map below to identify your Education Advocate and get started.
Carolyn Jacobs
Carolyn Jacobs
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Michelle McCormack
Michelle McCormack
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Advocate Territory Map
Carolyn Jacobs
Michelle McCormack
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Providing Wyo Wonders as a free resource is made possible by the generosity of Wyoming's business community and individual donors, who support our mission of introducing students to the industries that have built our state. Your contribution makes a direct impact on Wyoming's future by enabling the next generation to access these educational materials at no cost to our educators.