Investing in Wyoming's Future Workers

As a Wyoming-based curriculum, Wyo Wonders is focused on educating students about the industries that drive Wyoming and the opportunities for dynamic future careers within their home state. Built with a community of cross-industry stakeholders, we work with leaders within each sector to create unforgettable real-world experiences for students.

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As a state-wide initiative, Wyo Wonders offers the unique advantage of being poised to support local communities and educators. By supporting the goals of Wyo Wonders, businesses can demonstrate their commitment to social responsibility and contribute to the long-term benefits of their community — and the Wyoming economy at large — by helping shape tomorrow's workforce.

Developing Tomorrow's Workforce

Through participation in the program, students can gain exposure to various career paths in agriculture, natural resources, and outdoor recreation & tourism that drive Wyoming. Businesses that Invest in educational programs like Wyo Wonders — programs that equip students early with the awareness, skills, and knowledge necessary to succeed in Wyoming’s vital industries — are investing in the future of our students' careers, and the economy they will inherit.

Improved Stewardship Efforts

Wyo Wonders promotes a comprehensive understanding of Wyoming's Agriculture, Minerals & Energy, and Outdoor Recreation & Tourism sectors. In doing so, the curriculum emphasizes the importance of responsible stewardship for the long-term sustainability of these resources. Cultivating our students' appreciation of Wyoming's economic drivers and natural resources is one way that businesses can promote sustainable economic growth and responsible management Wyoming's resources for years to come.

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Wyo Wonders relies on the generosity of Wyoming's business community and individual donors to carry out our mission of introducing students to the industries that have built our state. Your contribution makes a direct impact on Wyoming's future, and we're so grateful for the opportunity to partner with our donors in this work.