Wyo Wonders is our gift to Wyoming educators and students

Our goal is to ensure the long-term strength of Wyoming for future generations by cultivating a new generation of stewards for our state.

our story

Our curriculum was first created in 2014, through collaboration of educators and industry stakeholders.

The curriculum was created slowly and with intention by Wyoming Agriculture in the Classroom, developed over six years to teach students about Wyoming's incredible resources and economic drivers, by giving educators free tools to do so.

Convening industry leaders alongside the Wyoming Department of Education, and written by Wyoming educators, the Wyo Wonders curriculum is designed to align with Wyoming Content and Performance Standards, while providing students with hands-on learning experiences in the agriculture, minerals & energy, and outdoor recreation & tourism industries.

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Our Values


Wyo Wonders provides a vital link in maintaining, cultivating, and ultimately doing right by the various drivers of our state, and those who manage their resources for Wyoming’s benefit. We support those industries by pursuing strategic investments of time and training for the next generation, working with industry partners and Wyoming's Department of Education to create accurate, compelling material.


Wyo Wonders is by educators, for educators. We believe we have the opportunity to engage our youth on multiple levels — intellectually and emotionally — to foster practical vision and informed appreciation for the sectors that have driven Wyoming’s success. In a world of loud career trends and digital overload, this curriculum cuts through the noise to equip children with critical thinking skills. We enable them to see themselves as part of a bright future in our state’s critical industries, and thrive in the digital world responsibly and intentionally.


Wyo Wonders is a holistic and multifaceted curriculum — one that covers the variety of Wyoming’s driving industries, their individual strengths, and their intersections. We believe this approach will impart deeper awareness in future generations, and result in more successful local talent development & retention.

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Providing Wyo Wonders as a free resource is made possible by the generosity of Wyoming's business community and individual donors, who support our mission of introducing students to the industries that have built our state. Your contribution makes a direct impact on Wyoming's future by enabling the next generation to access these educational materials at no cost to our educators.